First Album Fridays: Sammi – Silver

American artist Sammi has released her debut album entitled Silver. It tells personal stories about experiences in the past year, including the loss of a dear friend. The themes are love and grief. Sammi did the music and lyrics of the record.

The music is Pop. There are great ballads with a smooth rhythm.The album has musical rhythms parallel Billie Eilish and Evanescence, making an impressive blend of style. The sounds are bold and edgy. The music of the guitar and the piano are incredible to hear. The compositions are intricate, rich and have a remarkable structure. The record has an impressive range of tones – an excellent combination of old-school and contemporary musical styles. 

Sammi’s voice is bold and dynamic. She has an incredible vocal range. She sounds soft, a style that parallels Natalie Imbruglia and Billie Eilish – also a bit of Alicia Keys.

The lyrics are deep and touching. The songs cover personal stories and events that happened in a year, including losing a friend. They also tackle the subject of mental health with heart and soul – making them human and genuine. Sammi expresses her grief and sadness with great depth- the heartbreak is relatable. The poetry has impressive metaphors and symbols that add deepness. The tunes are rich in language and feeling. The songs consist of one-word titles, which gives them a bold simplicity. The lyrics are well-written, with exceptional freestyle writing and rich poetry.

The album Silver is available.

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