First EP Fridays: Katie Tupper – Towards The End

Canadian singer Katie Tupper has released her first EP entitled Towards The End. The themes are love, heartbreak and life.

The music is Alternative. It is dynamic and bold, rich in various musical styles. The presence of the piano and the guitar complements the 70s vibe. The song Live Inside parallels the works of Destiny’s Child, especially in their earlier pieces. Danny has a fantastic jazzy beat with an incredible rhythm that is wavy and eclectic. The record has an impressive old-school style. The song  How Can I Get Your Love reminds me of a classic Killing Me Softly with His Song by The Fugees and also reminds me of Norah Jones’s Don’t Know WhyThe Cost of Lovin’ You parallels Bitter Sweet Symphony in its daring sounds. The piece Misbehavin’ is an excellent ballad with calming and soft music. The compositions are unique, with rich, intricate sounds.

Katie Tupper’s voice is deep and husky. She sings with great style and rhythm – sounding bold and soulful. She expresses herself with genuine openness and vulnerability.

These five excellent songs are impressive and rich in language and freestyle poetry. The lyrics are profound and poetic. The tunes are from the heart, expressive with a relatable vulnerability.

There are songs about love and the challenges/joys. Live Inside is a touching piece about a girl finding love again while overcoming obstacles of doubt and uncertainty. It’s a song to which listeners can connect. Cost Of Loving You is another relatable song about the challenges of relationships and building the courage to give someone a chance (including opening up). Misbehavin’ is a hopeful song about love and becoming a better person. The tune is beautiful and well-written.

The EP also has pieces about heartbreak and breakups. Danny is a profound song about life after a breakup, which left a mess (both emotionally and literally). The heartbreak and the negative memories felt by the woman are palpable and relatable. The piece How Can I Get Your Love is interesting where the woman wants her ex back and is wondering how she can do it. The vulnerability is genuine and profound. 

The songs are amazing, full of heart and soul with incredible depth.

The EP Towards The End is available.

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