Cloclo – The Claude François Story 10th Anniversary

March 14, 2022, marks the 10th anniversary of the film Cloclo, a biopic about the late Claude François. It starts with his childhood and up to his funeral. In between, the movie tells the story of his career, including the ups and downs.  

The songs heard throughout the movie are the original pieces, including Claude François’s famous hit Comme D’Habitude (Like usual), which got remade into My Way, performed by Frank Sinatra. The film honours the late artist’s songs. The concert scenes were impressive, and the same goes for the preparations for music videos. The costumes in the movie were incredibly accurate.

Jérémie Renier did an incredible in portraying the late Claude François. He looked like the famous French singer, especially with long hair. He demonstrated the different facets of Claude François. Jérémie Renier got Claude François’s mannerisms perfectly.   

The movie Cloclo was well-made and told the story of the late Claude François in detail.

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