Single Saturdays: Eli Rose feat Marc Papillon – Il Neige

Canadian singer Eli Rose with Canadian composer Marc Papillon has a new single out entitled Il Neige (It snows or it’s snowing). The song is about two things: the challenges of Winter and the renewal (birth/rebirth) of life.

The music is French Pop combined with Classical music. The composition is rich and intricate, with an incredibly flowy rhythm. It is a beautiful ballad, soothing and relaxing. Marc Papillon did an excellent job playing the piano, giving the song a dynamic style. It starts with an impressive opening of a piano solo to then slow-paced beat. The gradual pace of the piano sound is incredible combined with the violin. It then ends with a lovely fade-out of the piano. The music is intricate and bold in combining Classical with a modern touch.

Eli Rose’s voice is smooth and rhythmic. She sings with a soft tone. She follows the piano’s music – hitting each note at the right moment.

The lyrics are poetic and rich. The song follows the ABAB structure of poetry. It represents Winter, its ups and downs and the cold days, harsh at times. As I write this during a snow storm around mid-March, the title is apropos. A nostalgia component adds to the song’s beauty remembering with the phrase “un retour en enfance” (a return to childhood). This contemplation aspect demonstrates the lyrics’ depth beyond the Winter season. It also conveys the emotional challenges of life and struggles, which Winter represents with its harsh cold and lasting a long time. The song is beautifully well-written and soulful.

The single Il Neige is available.

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