Dolly Parton’s Storytelling Album: Run Rose Run

Country singer Dolly Parton has released a new album entitled Run, Rose, Run – based on the characters of James Patterson’s recent novel of the same name. The songs tell stories about a young woman and the challenges of the music industry.

The music is Country. The album follows the classic Country-style – a lovely Nashville vibe. The compositions are rich in Country culture and a mix of musical genres. There is an impressive use of various sound effects, such as snakes rattling in the song Snakes In The Grass . 

The album has beautiful and heartfelt ballads: Demons (with Ben Haggard), Blue Bonnet Breeze, Secrets, Lost and Found ( with Joe Nichols), and Love Or Lust (with Richard Dennison). There’s a sweet romantic vibe, even in the sad song Blue Bonnet Breeze.

     There are also upbeat songs: Run, Big Dreams and Faded Jeans, Driven, Snakes, Woman Up (Take It Like A Man), Firecracker, and Dark Night, Bright Future. These pieces remind me of old-school Country music with beats that parallel Do-Si-Do and square dancing tunes.  

Dolly Parton’s voice is soulful and rhythmic. She has an impressive vocal range. She sings with passion and heart. There are three lovely duets: Demons (with Ben Haggard), Lost and Found  (with Joe Nichols) and Love Or Lust (with Richard Dennison). These performances are fantastic.

The lyrics are profound, romantic and poetic. The songs are well-written and rich in language.  

      The album has cheerful songs. Run and Big Dreams and Faded Jeans, Driven are inspirational pieces about following one’s dreams. They’re also about overcoming obstacles of all sorts with perseverance and determination. The song Snakes In The Grass is incredible – it’s about being vigilant from those who want to hurt or sabotage you. There’s wisdom in this piece. Dark Night, Bright Future is a hopeful that whatever hardships may come, it represents the saying “this too shall pass”- nothing is permanent. Woman Up (And Take It Like A Man) is a witty song about standing up for oneself as a lady but with the toughness of a man – parallel to Mohamed Ali’s quote, “Float like a butterfly – sting like a bee.” Firecracker is a bold piece about standing up for oneself, but with a twist. There’s confidence and courage felt in this song. It also has a clever reference to Elvis Pressley (“Hunka Hunka Burnin’ Love”) when she says, “hunka hunka burnin’ stuff.” These tunes have hope, despite the obstacles.

There”s a sad song entitled Blue Bonnet Breeze. It’s about a love story where two people fall in love whose families disapprove of their relationship – parallel to Romeo and Juliette (also mentioned in the song). It’s a heartbreaking piece full of beautiful poetry.

The album has some beautiful love songs that are heartwarming and profound: Secrets, Lost and Found ( with Joe Nichols), Love Or Lust (with Richard Dennison),nd Demons. Secrets and Demons are tunes that represent the ups and downs of relationships with genuine vulnerability, depth and humanity. On the other hand, lost and Found ( with Joe Nichols) and Love Or Lust (with Richard Dennison) express the hopes and joys of finding one another. These tunes are romantic and full of hope for love and happiness.

The songs are vibrant, full of heart and soul – with incredible depth.

The album Run, Rose, Run is available.

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