Single Saturdays: Kylie Morgan – Independent with You

American singer Kylie Morgan has released a new single entitled Independent with You. The song is about a woman who wants to be independent and in love.

The music is Country. The song is a beautiful ballad with an impressive semi-fast beat. The guitar in the background adds a lovely musical touch. It parallels classic hits by Shania Twain, such as From This Moment On, You’re Still The One and The Woman In Me. It has a great rhythm with incredible beats. The composition is fantastic and well-structured – the waviness transitions from fast to slow smoothly. The song ends with a nice fade-out. 

Kylie Morgan’s voice is beautiful and soulful. She sings with a profound passion. She captures the sentiment that many people feel regarding independence while still wanting a loving relationship.

The lyrics are empowering and also romantic. The song is full of heart and soul. It covers a relatable topic of wanting independence (including a career) and a relationship, along with the fear of losing one’s identity or oneself in the relationship. There’s also a beautiful realization that both aren’t mutually exclusive and very possible. It breaks away from this idea that a woman is independent – closed off from wanting love and focusing on her career. The words are well-written with remarkable freestyle poetry.

The single Independent with You is available.

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