Marissa Nadler’s Latest EP The Wrath of the Clouds

American singer Marissa Nadler has released a new EP entitled The Wrath of The Clouds. The themes are heartbreak, love and sorrow.

The music is Alternative and Folk. The piano and the guitar give complement the slow rhythm of each song. The musical style is remarkable. It parallels the music of The Cranberries and Evanescence in the EP’s arrangements as well as The Eagles’ classic hit Hotel California. The rhythm throughout the record is bold and edgy. Each piece has sad moments, but there are times when the tempo picks smoothly. The EP has impressive ballads and fantastic compositions – rich and intricate. Marissa Nadler produced all five songs from the record and did terrific work.

Marissa Nadler’s voice is smooth and husky. She sings rhythmically and follows the pace of the music perfectly. She performs each song with impressive depth and soulfully.

The lyrics are profound and poetic. The songs on the EP are rich in language and have detailed imagery that it’s easy to imagine. The storytelling aspect of the record is touching and heartfelt. The tunes demonstrate raw emotions and a genuine vulnerability. The titles give an idea of each song’s vibe and mood. Marissa Nadler wrote three songs from the EP’s five tracks: Guns on the Sundeck, All the Eclipses,  and Some Secret Existence – she did an incredible job writing these three pieces. The same goes for Sammi Smith, who authored Saunders Ferry Lane and Bobby Alessi & Billy Alessi for Seabird. The songs are well-written with remarkable freestyle writing.

The EP, The Wrath of The Clouds, is available.

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