Single Saturdays: Sara Dufour – J’t’un pro du bac brun

Canadian and Quebecoise singer Sara Dufour has a new single out entitled J’t’un pro du bac brun (I’m a pro of the brown bin). The song is about the importance of composting and recycling. 

The music is French Pop. The song has a catchy beat. The guitar playing in the background is upbeat and works well with the song’s vibe and message. There’s an incredible folksy style that nicely represents Quebec culture music. The composition has a cozy feel, and the music is memorable. 

Sara Dufour’s voice is upbeat and enthusiastic. Her singing is rhythmic and smooth. She genuinely conveys the meaningful message of composting and recycling to respect the environment.

The lyrics are intelligent and straightforward. The song is easy to follow. The repetition of the sentence “le plastique c’est toujours non- et ça c’est sans exception” (plastic is always non – and there are no exceptions) emphasizes the message of composting correctly, following the rules. The song’s simplicity helps convey the message with focus and precision. There’s a lovely positivity and hope throughout the single.

The single  J’t’un pro du bac brun is available.

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