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Over the weekend, I watched the movie Respect, starring Jennifer Hudson. Her portrayal of the late Aretha Franklin was incredible. She sang remarkably throughout the movie. The resemblance to the late artist was striking. Skye Dakota Turner also gave an impressive performance as the young Aretha Franklin.

The movie Respect told the story of Aretha Franklin’s life in depth. It began with her childhood and how she started singing. It also showed the grief following her mother’s passing. She then resumes singing in church again after the first piano lesson since her mother died. There was a smooth transition from childhood to young adult performing in church during the Sunday service.  

I was surprised to hear that Aretha Franklin struggled to have any successful hits until 1967, with her rendition of Otis Redding’s single Respect. Watching Jennifer Hudson perform this song was fantastic and breathtaking.  

     I enjoyed the various live performances, especially in Paris’ Olympia concert hall- a legendary venue.

The moments that touched me profoundly were the clips of Martin Luther King Jr.’s funeral, including the clip of Aretha Franklin performing at the service. Her combination of activism and music was incredible to see.

The story covered the highs and lows of Aretha Franklin throughout her life and career. It showed genuine humanity and vulnerability. The moment that touched me the most was when she finally decided to stop drinking, starting with getting rid of the bottles.


The movie ended on a heartwarming note when Aretha Franklin decided to do a Gospel album in 1972, a turning point in her life and career. The title was Amazing Grace. That also included a documentary. Many people at the record label were skeptical, but she didn’t give up. It was the best decision because it turned out to be her best-selling album.

After the movie ended, there was beautiful footage of the real Aretha Franklin performing at the Kennedy Center her hit (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman. Then there was a lovely photo montage of images of Aretha Franklin throughout the years, including her performance at President Barack Obama’s inauguration in 2009.

Respect showed in-depth the story of Aretha Franklin’s life from her childhood to her career. I learned so much about the late Queen of Soul. 

The movie’s cast was remarkable, especially Jennifer Hudson and Skye Dakota Turner.

Here are some of the facts that the movie showed 

18 Grammy Awards
The first woman inducted in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1987,
At age 52, Aretha Franklin was the youngest person to receive the Kennedy Center Honors
In 2005: She receives Presidential Medal of Freedom

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