Single Saturdays: Jimmie Allen – My Voice Is A Trumpet 

American singer Jimmie Allen has released a new single entitled My Voice Is A Trumpet. The song is about kindness and love.

The music is Country. The guitar complements the song’s upbeat tone- it leads the song along with drums and the piano. It has slow parts to give room to the song’s lyrics, like the beautiful ballads of Country songs. The gradual change in tempo is remarkable. The composition is well-structured, dynamic and rich in musical styles. The rhythm is smooth and easy-going, representing the song’s joyful and hopeful mood. The music has the effect of reuniting people thanks to the cheerful sound.  

Jimmie Allen’s voice is soulful and caring. He sings with compassion and love- full of heart. He expresses the essence of positivity and hope.  

The lyrics are inspirational and full of hope. The title is a beautiful and touching metaphor. The song positively promotes respect, compassion, solidarity, love and self-love. It celebrates the importance of being oneself and being true to who we are. The tune also promotes accepting people as they are and celebrating diversity. The words of the song are heartwarming, poetic, and profound. The richness of the single is its simplicity of the message to be kind to one another. 

The single My Voice Is A Trumpet is available.

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