Guylaine Tanguay’s Homage Album Ginette à Ma Façon

Canadian and Quebecoise singer Guylaine Tanguay has released a cover album entitled Ginette à Ma Façon (Ginette my style). It’s a homage to the music of Ginette Reno.

The music is Country and Musique Francophone. The album has a Country touch on Ginette Reno’s classic hits with a bold dynamic. There’s a combination of classic Country with contemporary sounds, which is impressive. Also, the songs follow the rhythm of the original material but with a personal take by Guylaine Tanguay. There’s a happy blend of two musical styles without one overtaking the other- it’s a nice balance. The guitar and the piano in the background are beautiful to hear. The music parallels the works of Dolly Parton and Faith Hill. The compositions are remarkable and rhythmic. The musical range throughout the record is impressive and intricate.

Guyalaine Tanguay’s voice is soft, bold and rich. She sings with an incredible rhythm and knows how to hit the high notes at the moment. She honours Ginette Reno’s music nicely and smoothly incorporates her musical style. Guylaine Tanguay follows the tone of each piece and captures the specific mood of each one. She performs each song with heart and soul. 

The album Ginette à Ma Façon is available.

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