Single Saturdays: Naffymar & Sam Jamz Check

British singer Naffymar and Nigerian artist Sam Jamz have a new single entitled Check. It’s a heartfelt love story about making sure everything is in order in the relationship.

The musical genre is Inspirational. The single Check has a mix of Jazzy and R&B sounds. It starts slow, then gradually increases smoothly in tempo. The pattern of slow-fast-slow is impressive and well-structured. The song has an Alicia Keys vibe- the tune is bold and upbeat. The music is catchy with a remarkable combination of old-school musical styles and modern tones. The composition is rhythmic, incredible and intricate.

Naffymar and Sam Jamz’s voices are fantastic and complementary to one another. They sing in a soulful and sweet manner with incredible depth. There’s an impressive in their vocal styles.

The lyrics are romantic, optimistic, and poetic. The song has two meanings with the title – the first is a reference to a check (a method of payment), and the other is checking a list (i.e. task one, check!). It’s an impressive metaphor with incredible depth and intricacy of language and poetry. The words are profound, soulful and from the heart. The two people reassuring one another is sweet and heartwarming – it feels like a touching dialogue between lovers written into a song. The simplicity of the lyrics makes this tune genuine and sincere.

The single Check is available.

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