Single Saturdays: Lagoon Wavey – Occupied

Barbadian singer Lagoon Wavey has a new single out entitled Occupied. The song is about a man struggling with a recent breakup and looking back on his relationship.

The music is R&B/Soul. The tune has a bold old-school sound. The music parallels Janet Jackson’s 80s hits Come Back To Me and Livin’ In The World (They Didn’t Make) combined with contemporary beats. It also has similarities to the style of Boyz II Men. The song has a slow rhythm that’s flowy and wavy (up and down – mini waves). It also has a gradual tempo to reflect the ups and downs during difficult times (a breakup). The guitar and the percussion add to the dynamic arrangement of beats. The composition is well-structured and has an impressive variety of musical styles.

Lagoon Wavey’s voice is soulful and expressive. He has a great rhythm in his performance and changes registers smoothly. He sings his sense of vulnerability in great depth, pouring his heart and soul into the song.

The lyrics are deep and soulful- the song expresses heartbreak in a relatable manner. The words are well-written, with fantastic freestyle writing. The song is a heartfelt metaphor about the mind occupied by the breakup and flashbacks of the relationship. It deeply expresses the desire to rest and let go of the heartbreak. The tune covers the grief of the separation delicately and the stages of this time. That includes the moment of crying and sadness. There’s genuine honesty and even vulnerability when it comes to the admission of jealousy and obsession. It ends with the hope to someday be free from the pain and heartache. The song is multi-faceted in covering a heavy topic like a breakup and full of heart.

The single Occupied is available.

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