Single Saturdays: Robbi Niles – Melody

 Barbadian singer Robbi Niles has a new single out entitled Melody. The song is about a man going through a breakup, struggling with heartbreak.

The music is R&B/Soul. It has a heavy and slow beat to reflect the pain and heartache from the breakup. The song has a fantastic and well-structured composition with an intricate rhythm. The wavy pace of the single also represents the up and down felt from grief and heartbreak. That also includes an incredible, gradual tempo. The piano complements the tune’s vibe with the right intensity. The music gives a powerful sensation with a bold edge.

Robbi Niles’ voice is soft and husky. He sounds rhythmic and follows the music. He performs the song with profound emotion.

The lyrics are heartbreaking and expressive. The song is a metaphor for falling into a “love trap” to escape the pain and heartbreak. It expresses a genuine vulnerability that is relatable – full of emotions. The words are well-written with a poetic flow. Through freestyle poetry, the song demonstrates the sense of confusion and feeling lost during a breakup. There’s so much depth expressed through the rich simplistic writing.  

The single Melody is available.

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