Single Saturdays: Armaan Malik – You

Indian singer Armaan Malik has released a new single You. The song is a love story that develops with time. 

The music is Pop. Armaan Malik and Jack Edwards composed the beautiful ballad with a smooth rhythm. The guitar in the background complements the romantic vibe. The music sounds like a person’s fast heartbeat, which gives it a nice touch in terms of those details. The composition is well-structured and wavy. It starts with a lovely slow beat to smoothly transition into a faster musical pace later in the song. The rhythm is relaxing and calming, including hearing Armaan Malik’s voice. Some parts of the songs are upbeat and inspire a couple to dance together, complementing the vibe of love and joy.

Armaan Malik’s voice is smooth and soft. He expresses himself with a genuine vulnerability that adds to the romantic vibe. He performs this song with heart and soul.

Jack Edwards, Natania Lalwani and Felicia Ferraro wrote the song with rich and detailed imagery. The lyrics are romantic and poetic. The song has heart and soul – the description of the love is cheerful and sweet. The subject of falling in love is timeless and relatable. It demonstrates the mixed emotions of excitement and nerves diving into the unknown, as love is abstract yet beautiful. The words are well-written, rich in language, freestyle and flowy poetry. There’s a positive and wonderful sense of hope for the future if one has their significant other. The song nicely honours the partner in the relationship with admiration, love and respect.

The single You is available.

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