Single Saturdays: Rosalie Ayotte- Je Te Fais Confiance

The theme song for La vraie nature

Canadian and Quebecoise singer Rosalie Ayotte has released a new single entitled Je te fais confiance (I trust you). It’s the theme for a Quebecois series La Vraie Nature. The song is about living life while also going down memory lane.

The music is French Pop combined with Folk. The composition is well-structured and smooth. The guitar and the drum in the background complement the lovely ballad. The melody is calming and soothing – it’s perfect for the Quebecois series La Vraie Nature (True Nature). The rhythm is wavy in a relaxing fashion – at the right speed. The musicians Alex McMahon (drums, percussions, synthesizer) and Joseph Marchand (guitar) did an impressive job with the music.

Ayotte’s voice is soft and rhythmic. She sings with heart and soul. She expresses a lovely spirituality to the song. 

The lyrics are sweet and heartwarming. The words are poetic with a lovely simplicity and calm. Through simplicity, there are incredible layers of meaning and depth. It has remarkable freestyle poetry that works nicely with the free spirit vibe behind the lyrics. The song has impressive metaphors that complement the beautiful imagery. There’s a heartfelt and relatable nostalgia. The title of the piece clearly expresses a sense of trust. The lyrics are soulful and from the heart. 

The single Je Te Fais Confiance is available.

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