First Single Fridays Hatim & Tissa Rahim – Haunted Love

Canadian singers Hatim and Tissa Rahim have a new single entitled Haunted Love. The song is about a haunted love, a draining and stressful relationship.

The music is a fusion of Pop and Middle Eastern Music. There’s a bold musical style with an Aladdin vibe. The composition is well-structured and intricate, with a wavy rhythm that reflects the song’s intense emotions. Hearing the lute, darbakeh, etc., compliment the Middle Eastern component of the tune. There’s an incredible depth to the music of this single. 

Hatim and Tissa Rahim’s voices are dynamic and powerful. They sing an impressive duet together – their voices compliment each other. Both artists perform with heart and passion.

The lyrics are expressive, well-written, and poetic. The song expresses a relatable pain. The words are powerful and profound – they are also expressing genuine raw emotions and vulnerability. The title Haunted Love represents the unease of a bad relationship, one that drains the soul. The song is rich in language, written in layers of meaning, requiring to read between the lines. The depth of the tune is remarkable and complex. 

The single Haunted Love is available.

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