Single Saturdays: Chris Mann – My Flurona

My Corona, Part 3

American singer Chris Mann has released a new single entitled My Flurona. The song is about Chris Mann being sick with COVID-19 and the Flu during the holidays. It’s also part three of Chris Mann’s famous My Corona series- parodies of My Sharona by The Knack.

The music is Pop. It follows the composition of The Knack’s My Sharona – but with a slightly modified sound. The piece follows the same beat as the other parts of the My Corona series, with some modifications. It maintains the 80s vibe, which gives it a nostalgic touch. That’s especially with compliments to the sounds of the guitar and the drums. The beat is catchy and unforgettable. The music being upbeat adds a touch of irony, considering that the subject is about someone having COVID and the flu. 

Chris Mann’s is rhythmic and dynamic. He sings with passion and relatable frustration about COVID. He’s hilariously expressive and captures how many of us feel about the challenges during COVID.

The song is full of humour and comic relief. The lyrics are expressive and relatable. They follow the same lyrical structure as the original version- the Knack’s My Sharona. The subject of flurona and feeling frustrated with COVID is relevant. There are also apropos references to recent events, such as Betty White’s passing and the Omicron variant around the holiday season. The song has a fast pace and flows smoothly. Part 3 of the My Corona is a clever continuation of the other two My Corona parodies. 

The single My Flurona is available.

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