Get There: Ty Hannah’s Tribute to His Brother

American artist Ty Hannah has released a single available exclusively on Patreon entitled Get There. The song is a tribute to his late brother, whose birthday was January 18th. 

The music is R&B. The piano complements the touching ballad. The rhythm is smooth and flows naturally. It starts slow then smoothly increases into an upbeat tempo. That transition represents a light at the end of the tunnel. The music is calming and peaceful, comforting during the difficult days of grief. The composition is beautiful and rich. It conveys the different stages of grief with grace and empathy.

Ty Hannah’s voice is incredible. He has an impressive vocal range, covering a mix of emotions: sadness, hope, and some joy. He sings with heart and soul.

The lyrics are profound – full of heart and soul. The emotions are raw, pure, and genuine. The tribute Ty Hannah makes to his brother at the song’s end adds a beautiful personal element to it. The tune covers a relatable topic, the loss of a loved one, which isn’t easy. He covers this subject with openness and honesty. The song covers grief but also demonstrates that with time it gets better. There’s also an important lesson of being there for one another, loving each other, and having the right mindset. The song has incredible depth and is rich in language.

The single Get There is currently available on Patreon.

Here’s a sample of the song below
I will put the full video when it becomes available to the general public.

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