First EP Fridays: James Daly’s Eponym EP

Canadian singer James Daly released his first EP, James Daly. The themes are love and life in general.

The music is Country. The guitar and the drums add a dynamic touch to it. It parallels the rock and pop groups, such as Queen & Nsync’s musical styles -a 90s vibe, combined with the 70s. The songs have impressive and wavy rhythms with catchy sounds. The EP also has a Jazz-like component. Here are a couple of examples. The first is Pineapple Crush, which parallels Queen’s classic Killer, Queen, with a ballad-style rhythm. The second song, Rather Be Alone, parallels the Rolling Stones’ classic hit Start Me Up. The compositions are beautifully intricate and rich in musical styles.

James Daly has a fantastic and dynamic vocal range. His voice is bold, rich and soulful. He sings with an impressive rhythm that is smooth.

The lyrics are romantic and deep. The EP has a personal touch, especially with the piece Montreal Weather. The songs are soulful and poetic that have incredible freestyle poetry. They also have raw emotions, which is the case with Ghost of a Lover, Wish You Knew, and Rather Be Alone. These tunes have a genuine vulnerability. There’s a flowy rhythm throughout the record with well-written words. A cheerful song in this album is Pineapple Crush. It’s fun and sweet. The EP has rich and dynamic content.

The EP James Daly is available.

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