Day 6 Single Saturdays: Pat Groulx et les bas Blancs – Cette chanson-là c’pour toé

Featuring Korine Côté & Matthieu Pepper

Canadian and Quebecois group Pat Groulx et Les Bas, featuring Korine Côté and Matthieu Pepper, have released a new Christmas single entitled Cette chanson-là c’pour toé (this song is for you). Patrick Groulx wrote and composed the song. The song is about life post lockdown or loosened restrictions after a challenging year or two years of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The music French/Quebec folk. The song has a catchy sound that has a nostalgic touch. It starts with a wooden spoon instrument with a retro electric beat within an acoustic performance. It then increases in tempo with a fantastic combination of the guitar and banjo. There’s an incredible wavy composition that flows naturally and smoothly. The music inspires one to want to get up and dance. It parallels the musical style heard in square dancing. There’s a cozy/intimate feel to the single that feels relaxing and laid-back.

Patrick Groulx, Korine Côté and Matthieu Pepper’s voices are complementary. They did an incredible collaboration together and sang expressively, full of passion and enthusiasm.

The lyrics are funny and relatable, expressing the sentiment many of us felt in this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The song reflects Quebec culture nicely, including references to towns like Papineau and the random mention of a Quebec radio station, 89 CKOI. There’s impressive freestyle writing that’s well-written. The song talks about remembering days when people could hug and do gatherings without worries. That includes seeing family again ( to a certain extent – depending on the guidelines/rules within COVID restrictions). It also mentions overeating, including eating the famous Tourtière (a meat pie) during the holiday season, which many can relate to and understand. The tune reminds us of the importance of helping others, including loved ones and giving them the gift of your time. The single provides comic relief during the stressful times of COVID and the holiday season – it cheers up the listeners. 

The single Cette chanson-là c’pour toé is available.

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