Day 6 Single Saturdays: Chris Mann- It’s The Most God-Awful Time of the Year (ft. Jon Lovitz)

Chris Man has a new parody entitled It’s The Most God-Awful Time of the Year (feat. Jon Lovitz). It’s a reference to the song It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The music is Pop. The song follows the composition of It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. It starts slow then goes up in tempo to transition in a wavy rhythm, reflecting the roller-coaster of emotions felt by so many because of the various issues of the past year. It has a modern touch that makes it a catchy tune. The beat is rhythmic and flowy. The paradox between the upbeat music and the “dystopic” lyrics makes the parody work nicely. The composition is impressive and well-structured. 

Chris Mann and Jon Lovitz’s voices are fantastic. They sing an incredible duet together and are in sync with one another. They sound expressive, describing the sentiments many felt regarding the various struggles in 2021.

The lyrics are funny and well-written. The song is apropos/relevant to the current news of 2021 – it’s clever and relatable to this year’s challenges. The words flow naturally in a poetic fashion. The references to pop culture and current affairs are hilarious, including supply chain issues and cancelled travel plans. The comic relief of this song brings us comfort in these unprecedented times of COVID and the general stress of the holiday season combined with the recent issues.  

The single  It’s The Most God-Awful Time of the Year is available.

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