Day 6 Single Saturdays: La Zarra – Santa Baby

Canadian singer La Zarra has a Christmas single, a cover of Santa Baby

The music is R&B combined with Pop. It follows the composition of the original version – a nostalgic feel with a modern twist. The rhythm is flowy and smooth. It starts slow, then gradually increases, back to a slower pace at the end. The composition is well-structured and intricate. The cello and the bass in the background sound like the original piece, complemented by the backup singers. There’s a lovely relaxing lounge vibe. This version of Santa Baby has a timeless sound.

La Zarra’s voice is soft and beautiful. She has an old-school style that parallels the original version performed by Eartha Kitt while also putting her spin on the holiday classic. La Zarra sounds rhythmic and incredible. She sings with boldness and suave. The backup singers sang remarkably, sounding like a 50s quartet – they complemented La Zarra’s voice nicely. 

The single Santa Baby is available.

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