Day 6 Single Saturdays: Dolly Valentine – Hey Santa Claus

American artist Dolly Valentine has another Christmas single entitled Hey Santa Claus

The music is Folk. Dolly Valentine made the music of the song. It parallels Folk music of the 70s (i.e. ABBA and The Mamas a& The Papas ). The musicians Charles Wicklander (Keys), Dune Butler (Bass), Taylor Carroll (Percussion), and Kimo Muraki (Banjo, Lap steel) did an excellent job playing their respective instruments. The rhythm is a mix of smooth, with moments of a wavy tempo. It starts with the banjo, and then the other instruments gradually come in a precise moment in the song to then play together in perfect harmony. The composition is beautifully well-structured and well-thought-out.

Dolly Valentine’s voice is lovely and soft. She sings with empathy and compassion. She sounds hopeful and inspires others to do the same.

Leslie Schott and Andrew Valenti wrote Hey Santa Claus. The lyrics are hopeful and poetic. The song is about living life and finding joy in everything, even during hard times. The repetition of the line “Hey, Santa Claus, let’s be jolly” demonstrates the importance of being happy whenever it is possible. The poetry in the song has lovely freestyle writing, nicely combined with the structured styles (a mix of AABB and ABAB). The flow is natural and smooth, easy to follow. The words are well-written and remarkably simplistic. Yet, there’s a profound and rich meaning behind them. The message behind the tune is clear and lovely.

The single Hey Santa Claus is available.

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