Day6 Single Saturdays: Rychey – Miracles Happen at Christmas (feat. Sheddi Young)

Songwriter Rychey has a new Christmas single entitled Miracles Happen at Christmas, sung by Sheddi Young. Rychey wrote and composed the song. 

The music is R&B. The song is a beautiful, comforting ballad. The vibe is cozy and calming, which helps during the stressful times of the holiday season. The rhythm is smooth and flowy. The bells and keyboard sounds work well with the Christmas spirit. The composition is lovely and rich – it sounds festive and soulful.

Sheddi Young’s voice is soulful, heartwarming and smooth. He sings with empathy and grace. He captures the essence of Christmas and the miracles of the holiday season.

The lyrics are poetic and sentimental. The song is full of heart and soul – it brings comfort and joy during the holiday season. The words are touching and sweet, rich in profound language and emotions. The use of freestyle poetry works well with the flowy rhythm of the song. There’s beautiful imagery in describing the miracles of the holidays in great detail -talking about Church bells, carolling and the story about the origin of Christmas, etc. The storytelling is well-thought-out and adds a holiday charm to the song.

The single Miracles Happen at Christmas is available.

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