Day 7: Marc Hervieux – Nostalgia Noël

Canadian and Quebecois artist Marc Hervieux has a new Christmas album entitled Nostalgia Noël (Christmas Nostalgia). It consists of covers of Christmas classics, including French versions.

The music is Jazz, Opera and Pop. The orchestra in this album is fantastic, especially the piano in the background adds the perfect musical touch to the classical aspect of Christmas music. It has an intimate dinner party vibe. The beat of each song is perfectly rhythmic. The record genuinely captures the feeling of nostalgia. There’s also joy and love of the holiday season felt throughout the album. For example, Noël Blanc has a lovely mix of classic and modern. Others include Blue Christmas and Noël à Paris. The album has beautiful compositions, rich, heartwarming and soulful.  

Marc Hervieux’s voice is an incredible deep baritone. He sings with an impressive vocal range, including an operatic style. He also sings in three languages: French, English, and Italian. There are two lovely duets: one with Annie Villeneuve (The prayer / La preghiera / La prière) and a bonus track QW4RTZ (Noël Blanc). I especially loved hearing Noël Blanc in both French and English. The performance with Annie Villeneuve is incredible, where she and Marc Hervieux sing together in harmony with one another. Hearing the song The prayer / La preghiera / La prière in three languages was remarkable. The duet with QW4RTZ is fantastic, with the group singing in the background while hearing Marc Hervieux perform simultaneously, without any overlap. Marc Hervieux honours the Christmas classics with all his heart – one can listen to the joy and appreciation of the holiday.

The album Nostalgia Noël is available.

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