Day 5: Norah Jones – I Dream of Christmas

American singer Norah Jones has released a new album entitled I Dream of Christmas.  The themes are holiday celebrations and hope. There are six original songs.

The music is Jazz meets Pop. The album sounds like a record one hears as lounge music during an intimate dinner setting. It parallels Jazz from the early days, such as Blue ChristmasRun Rudolph Run, Last Month Of The Year, I’ll Be Home For Christmas. The piano is beautiful to hear, and it adds a lovely touch. The cover of Christmas Don’t Be Late is has a beautiful ballad rhythm honouring the classic hit from Alvin and The Chipmunks. White Christmas has an upbeat sound and still celebrates the original version. The range in tone and musical beats is remarkable. For example,  I Dream of Christmas combines Jazz with a modern electric sound – a perfectly balanced blend. Norah Jones’s versions of the Christmas classics have a nostalgic touch while still adding her musical style.  

Norah Jones’s voice is beautiful, rich, smooth and soulful. She sings with grace and a natural flow. She incorporates her vocal style nicely into both the Christmas classics and original pieces. 

The album has six original songs: Christmas Calling (Jolly Jones)Christmas Calling (Jolly Jones)Christmastime,  It’s Only Christmas Once a YearYou’re Not Alone, and A Holiday with You. These pieces are beautifully well-written and poetic. 
There are lovely and happy songs to celebrate the holiday season. The first one is  Christmas Calling (Jolly Jones), that’s cheerful and hopeful.  Christmas Glow is joyful and nostalgic. It’s about remembering good times and creating beautiful memories that would have one glowing with joy. The song Christmastime is inspirational, positive and sweet. It inspires one to be kind to others and find joy in every little, even in challenging times. The piece A Holiday with You is romantic and cute. It celebrates the lovely idea of Christmas with a significant other with love and happiness.
       Other songs demonstrate challenges some face during Christmas/holiday season. The first example is You’re Not Alone, a song of compassion and positivity. It has a reassuring tone that everything will be alright. The second example is It’s Only Christmas Once a Year. It’s a profound song from the heart and bittersweet. It honours loved ones people lost, remembering the good times during the difficult days.
These original Christmas songs are deep and soulful – rich in feeling and meaning. 

The album I Dream of Christmas is available

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