Editorial : 43rd Gala ADISQ

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November 7, 2021, the 43rd Gala ADISQ Awards took place, hosted by comedian Louis-José Houde. This year’s awards were fantastic, and there was a sense of normalcy, or something close to it, as it took place at the Denise-Pelletier Theatre. Louis-José Houde did an excellent job hosting the show, and the musicians performed remarkably. 

Congratulations to all the winners of the 43rd Gala ADISQ Awards.


The introduction of the 43rd Gala ADISQ Awards had a fantastic medley of songs.

  • Valentin Hadjadj – Flying
  •  David Gaudreault – J’en Appelle à la Poésie
  •  Scott-Pien Picard – Tshi-Vitameatin
  •  Cri – Runaway
  •  Roxane Bruneau À Ma Manière

*Klô Pelgag Melamine: She gave a spirited and eclectic performance.

*Charlotte Cardin – Anyone Who Loves Me. She sang a heartfelt performance.

*Country Medley: Incredible mix of country songs

Irvin Blais – Chanson Honky Ton

Léa Jarry Disparaître

Alex Burger J’Prends Ça Pour Du Cash

Guylaine Tanguay  Allez Venez Danser

*Simon P. Castonguay Prophets and Vincent Vallières Homme De Rien

The performances were impressive. 

*Damien Robitaille – Il Me Semble 

The performance felt sweet and relevant. 

*Medley: Dominique Fils-Aimé, Fouki, & Boucar Diouf

Dominique Fils-Aimé – Love Take Over

Fouki – Oui Toi

The medley of Rap was impressive, full of incredible beats.

Awards- Highlights

* Artiste Autochtone de l’année (Indigenous Artist of the Year): Anachnid

*Country, Révélation de l’année (Country Revelation of the Year): Alex Burger – Sweet Montéregie

* Révélation de l’année (Revelation of the Year) : Cri

*Auture Compositeur de l’année (Singer Songwriter of the year): Klô Pelgag 

*Chanson de l’année (Song of the year):Roxane Bruneau À Ma Manière

*Groupe/Duo de l’année (Group or duo of the year): Cowboys Fringants

*Interprète de l’année masculin (male artist of the year): Fouki

*Interprète de l’année féminin (female artist of the year): Roxane Bruneau


*Monologue: heartfelt and humorous

*Homage to an emerging artist Lumière – touching and heartfelt 

Congratulations to all the winners of the 43rd Gala ADISQ Awards. Louis-José Houde was incredible hosting the Awards, and he gave a lovely speech to end the evening: heartfelt and touching.

Flora Youssef 

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