Single Saturdays: My Silent Bravery – The Reason

American group, My Silent Bravery, has another new single out entitled The Reason. The song tells the story of how everything happens for a reason, including falling in love.

The music is Pop. It starts with the incredible sound of the drums that gradually increase in tempo. The rhythm is upbeat with a 70s vibe that parallels Abba’s classic hits. The beats of this single are fantastic. The chorus has a lovely dance beat – catchy and bold. The music is remarkably intricate with a well-organized composition. There are moments between the chorus and the verses, and in the end, that sounds like contemporary Asian music. The fusion of musical styles blending nicely together, with any overlap – each gets a moment in the song.

Matthew Wade’s voice is smooth and soft. He sings with heart and soul, and he captures the essence of the song. He has a fantastic depth to his voice.

The lyrics are romantic and poetic. The song is well-written, and it’s about honouring the significant other in a caring and loving manner. The words are from the heart and full of soul. It’s a love story about realizing when true love presents itself and seizing the moment when it happens. The tune demonstrates well that everything truly happens for a reason. The romance within the lyrics has a profound presence throughout the song. The sentence “You are the reason” is a beautiful and heartfelt metaphor representing love and happiness’s deep-felt emotions. There’s lovely freestyle poetry that complements the love story of how things flow naturally and smoothly. The song is rich in intricacy and language.

The single The Reason is available.

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