Single Saturdays: My Silent Bravery – Kiss Your Mouth

American band, My Silent Bravery has released a new single entitled Kiss Your Mouth. The song is a love story about a couple’s relationship and how it evolves. 

The music is Pop. It has a wavy rhythm. The guitar in the song complements the fantastic composition- it has a fluid transition in rhythms and sounds. It starts slow then goes bit by bit to then an upbeat tempo. There are moments where the beat goes a gradual pace between the chorus and the verses, smooth transition. The song has a Rock edge to it that blends in nicely with the rhythm of Pop music. There’s a combination of 90s Rock music with a contemporary sound that is well-structured and well-organized. It’s a catchy song, full of incredible beats.

Matthew Wade’s voice is bold and edgy. His vocal range is remarkable, with a fluid change. He sings with passion and depth.

The lyrics are romantic and passionate. The song tells a beautiful love story of a couple’s relationship evolving with depth. The words are full of heart and soul. The single also describes the joys of taking the time in a relationship and profoundly appreciating each moment to get to know one another. The subject of vulnerability and mixed emotions is relatable, especially the struggle to admit one’s feelings when in love. The words are well-written with profound poetry. The sense of excitement feels palpable and something many can comprehend. The lyrics have a beautiful depth to them, describing a beautiful, sweet love story.

The single Kiss Your Mouth is available.

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