Marc Dupré’s Eighth Album Où Sera Le Monde

Canadian and Québecois artist Marc Dupré has released a new album entitled Où Sera Le Monde (where will the world be). The themes are love and heartbreak.

The music is French Pop. The album has excellent rhythm and style.It parallels Classical French Music, especially a 70s vibe. An example is Tout l’amour qu’on donne (all the love we give), which sounds similar in some parts of Queen’s Another One Bites the Dust. There’s a modern touch. The guitar is fantastic to hear throughout the record, and the compositions have an impressive intricacy and dynamic of musical styles. The piano is beautiful to hear in the background of the ballads Nous comme les autres (we are like the others) and Sur le fil (on the line) featuring Audrey-Anne Séguin. In the beginning, another lovely piece is Que pour toi (just for you) that has a sound similar to Christine Perri’s single Arms, but with a guitar touch. These ballads are beautiful in composition and rhythm. 
    Other pieces have an upbeat sound that has a modern/contemporary touch. For example, Tiens-Moi fort  (Hold me tight) parallels dance music from the 2000s and Rihanna’s recent works.  La saison des amants  (the season of lovers) is another example of this type of rhythm. Tout ça pour rien (all this for nothing) reminds me of the folk sound of Patrice Michaud’s recent album Grand voyage désorganisé (The big disorganized voyage). The piece Dans nos beaux décors (with our beautiful decorations) parallels Sheryl Crow’s Soak Up The Sun. These tunes brighten up a person’s day.
The music throughout the album is remarkable, with diverse musical styles.

Marc Dupré’s voice is soft and husky, and he sings with heart and soul. There’s a great duet with emerging artist Audrey-Anne Séguin, and there’s lovely musical chemistry between them. She adds a beautiful depth to the song Sur le fil (on the thread). 

The lyrics are romantic and poetic, and the words are profound and from the heart.  
       There are inspirational love songs, and each piece tells a touching and heartwarming story. The tunes are Tiens-Moi fort  (Hold me tight), La Saison des Amants  (The season of love), Tout l’amour qu’on donne (all the love we give), Tout ça pour rien (all this for nothing) Sur le fil (on the line) featuring Audrey-Anne Séguin, Te protéger (to protect you), Nous comme les autres  (we are like the others), Dans nos beaux décors (with our beautiful decorations), Que pour toi (just for you). The sentiment of profound and true love is powerful and beautiful.
     There are two songs in the album that cover the social issues the world currently faces: Où sera le monde (where will the world be) and Le jour d’après (the day after).  These pieces are relevant with these unprecedented times of COVID and world struggles.
    There’s a profound song about love and heartbreak, which is the piece Jusqu’à pas d’heure (until there’s no time). The mixed emotions, including confusion and uncertainty of this love, are relatable and familiar to many. 
The record has fine poetry and depth of language in describing love, heartbreak and life in general. There’s an incredible richness to it.

The album Où Sera Le Monde is available.

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