Single Saturdays: Nawal El Zoghbi – Alieh Ebtesama

Lebanese artist Nawal El Zoghbi has a new single entitled Alieh Ebtesama (He has a smile or a smile on his face). It’s a sweet love song.

The music is Arabic Pop. Composer Adham composed the song with a Summer vibe that parallels Spanish-style sounds. These Spanish-style beats, such as hearing the lute, in the beginning, give the single a Mediterranean vibe and a lovely musical touch. It has a catchy tune, full of rhythm and style, and there are great beats. The composition is well-structured, rich and intricate. 

Nawal El Zoghbi’s voice is smooth. She sounds rhythmic and flowy. She sings with great style and depth, with richness.

The lyrics are cheerful and romantic. Mohamad Al Kasimi wrote the song with four-lined paragraphs that make it easy to follow. It’s sweet and poetic – the rhyming style and the use of freestyle writing gives the tune a flowy feel. The song has passion and joy, expressing the sentiment many of us feel when in love. There’s a fantastic depth and precision that is impressive- the lyrics are well-written.  

The single Alieh Ebtesama is available.

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