Single Saturdays: Najwa Karam -Saher Ouloub

Lebanese singer Najwa Karam has released a new singer entitled Saher Ouloub (Magic to the hearts). The song is a magical love story.

The music is Arabic Pop. Ali Hassoun composed the song with a 

great upbeat sound. It starts with a semi-slow tone; then, it gradually increases into a faster tempo. It also slows down the verses to transition back to an upbeat sound. The dance beat is fantastic, and the composition is incredible and well-structured. The rhythm is wavy and easy to follow. Maurice Tawile did a splendid job with the mix and mastering of the song. The music is rich in tone and style.

Najwa Karam’s voice is bold and husky. She has a fantastic rhythm in her singing. She sings with heart and passion. 

The lyrics are romantic and poetic. Amer Lawand wrote the song with great rhymes, and the words are from the heart. The verses rhyme within them beautifully. The tune is smooth and flowy, and the single is well-written and intricate. The metaphors and symbols express the depth of love and passion- both having a bold presence. The line “Baity mish haytan” (my house is not walls) represents how love is grander than that. After that, she says “Saken bi albak” (I live in your heart) symbolizes how deep the feelings go, which is heartfelt. The joy in the lyrics feels genuine and profound.

The single Saher Ouloub is available. 

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