Single Saturdays: Nawal El Zoghbi – Orkoss

Lebanese singer Nawal El Zoghbi has released a single entitled Orkoss (Dance). The song is about dance and the celebration of love.

The music is Arabic Pop. Alfred Al Assaad composed the song, and Robert Al Assaad arranged the tune. Nour Al Assaad did the mix and mastering with a dance club vibe. There’s a lovely mix of Middle Eastern music with the dance sounds of the West. The combination is impressive. It blends the two styles nicely. The composition is bold and well-structured, and its intricacy and rhythm. The sound is catchy in its element of surprise and suspense. 

Nawal El Zoghbi’s voice is bold. She sounds wavy and rhythmic. She follows the song’s music perfectly.

The lyrics are romantic and creative- Ahmed Hasan wrote the song, and it’s about love and life described with a well-written simplicity. The words inspire one to get and dance. The rhyming is simplistic through the use of one sound for the poetry. The paragraphs are four lines that describe the love and joy of being with the significant other, and the two lines have different rhymes. The repetition of the word “orkoss” (dance) is an emphasis on dancing. The lyrics are catchy and easy to remember.

The single Orkoss is available. 

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