Single Saturdays: Rayan – Helm El Omer

Lebanese singer Rayan has released a new single entitled Helm El Omer (A dream of a lifetime). The song is a birthday homage to his friend’s child, who turns 11.

The music is Arabic Pop. Joe Kossayfi composed and produced the song – he gave it a beautiful composition. The tune begins with a slow piano sound that parallels Zanby Eh (what did I do?) by Iwan, another Lebanese artist, except with the presence of the lute. It’s a lovely ballad with some semi-fast beats. The tempo changes are remarkable, with smooth transitions, including a fantastic wavy rhythm. The piano and the lute give the song a nice dynamic that works with and complements its subject- a child’s birthday. There’s a sweet and joyful sound that makes one smile when hearing it.

Rayan’s voice is soft and sweet. He sings with heart and soul. He also sounds sincere and full of joy.

The lyrics are sweet and joyful. Ahmad Issam wrote the song dedicated to a child’s profound love, celebrating him as an incredible person. The words are from the heart, and it’s a personalized piece that honours the kid of Rayan’s friend. The poetry is beautiful and sweet, full of joy and happiness. The paragraphs are four lines expressing love – a parental kind that is endless and deep. The joys of being a parent are genuine- a lovely homage. The tune may be brief, but it says so much that it uses the ” a little goes a long way” concept nicely.

The single Helm El Omer is available.

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