First Album Fridays: Brittany Kennell – I Ain’t A Saint

Canadian singer Brittany Kennell has released her debut album entitled I Ain’t A Saint. The themes are love, heartbreak and empowerment.

The music is Country. There’s a bold presence of the guitar that works well with the album. It has a cozy feel. The musical style has a Shania Twain / Faith Hill vibe, and there’s a modern touch to the record. The music is catchy. When a song is upbeat, it suggests the woman is doing well, overcoming obstacles life throws her way or is in love. Here are the pieces that demonstrate that  Neither Did IEat Drink Remarry (also romantic), Bought the T-Shirt, Spade, You Don’t Get Me Stoned, Eat Drink Remarry,  Most Wanted, and I Ain’t a Saint. The album has a fantastic range of beats and rhythms—some similar to Shania Twain’s style. For example, I Ain’t A Saint parallels Shania Twain’s I Ain’t No Quitter in banjo beats.
One tune has a slow beat, which is  Drunk Lips – it represents the heartache and uncertainty of the man’s kiss and its meaning. The compositions are impressive and rich in rhythm and sounds.

Brittany Kennell’s voice is beautiful and distinct. She sounds bold and confident, singing with edge and style. She’s fantastic in expressing the range of emotions felt in each song.

The lyrics are expressive; some are romantic, while others are empowering. The album has a dynamic set of subject matter which consists of moving on/empowerment, romance and heartbreak. The words are poetic, rich and deep.
     The album has a great new touch with songs about moving on with life after a time of heartbreak and grief:  Neither Did IEat Drink Remarry (also romantic), Bought the T-Shirt, Spade, You Don’t Get Me Stoned. These four pieces are about taking charge of one’s life, and there’s hope and inspiration that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. There’s a lot of positivity, courage and strength.
     The song Clean Break expresses sadness or uncertainty; it leads to a turning point in the grief, with evolving wisdom. 
     The love songs are sweet and hopeful: Eat Drink Remarry,  Most Wanted, and I Ain’t a Saint. Each one offers different perspectives on love and relationships, and it’s dynamic and remarkable.
    There are tunes about the heartbreak that is relatable and profound: Drunk Lips and Hold My Breath. The song Drunk Lips expresses the challenges of meeting someone, especially if their intentions can be questionable and full of raw emotions and vulnerability.   Hold My Breath is about a challenging journey of hardships from failed relationships. However, there’s a decisive moment about waiting for true love to take one’s breather away that sounds reassuring.

    The lyrics are well-written and intricate, as well as rich in poetry. 

The album  I Ain’t A Saint is available.

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