Sarahmée’s Third Album Poupée Russe

Canadian and Quebecoise singer Sarahmée has released a new album entitled Poupée Russe (Russian Doll). The themes are love, heartbreak and personal life experiences.

The music is R&B/French Rap. The songs have dynamic and intricate compositions. A fantastic mix of beats parallels French Rap, especially the 90s and 2000, and other cultures. One example is a song with an African vibe, Quand La Route est Longue (Long journey) with Fouki. Another example is Bienvenue Dans Ma Vie (Welcome to my life), which pays homage to Russian music. There’s also a Spanish sound, which the song Elle Est Partie with Nissa Seych (She left) has- rich in Mediterranean tones. The tunes have catchy music with international flavours. The upbeat sounds (i.e. Poupée Russe and Superflex) give the songs a sense of empowerment. The use of synthesizers elevates each track to convey a specific mood. The music is rich and fluid, with impressive beats and tonalities

Sarahmée’s voice is bold and full of passion. She sings with an impressive intricacy and fantastic vocal range. There are incredible duets: Elle est partie (she left) featuring Nissa Seych, Quand la route est Longue (Long journey) featuring FouKi, Vilipendés featuring Chilla, and Tout quitter (to leave everything) featuring Maky Lavender.
Superflex is an intricate and complex piece that describes so much going on and the fast pace of the world (in entertainment and life). The lyrics are personal and profound. Sarahmée expresses herself with passion, transparency, and inspiration. She courageously shows her vulnerability when sharing her personal stories. She also covers social issues that are especially relevant today (i.e. racism, and the pandemic). The song De près (from close) covers racism in detail. It also describes the struggles of fame, where the ability to adapt is crucial. 
However, there’s also positivity, such as Partir Plus Tôt (leaving early)It’s about leaving the toxicity and chaos to go somewhere there’s peace, just in time.   The metaphors have boldness to them, as is the case with the song Poupée Russe (Russian doll), which represents the layers in one’s personality, which does not please everyone. It’s an assertive piece. That also applies to the feminist song Elle est partie (She left). Another powerful tune is Jaloux (jealous), which is about doing one’s thing despite the jealousy of others. Tout quitter (to leave everything) is a powerful song about taking chances with courage and overcoming self-doubt and fear. The tune Sourde (Deaf) is impressive about confidence by blocking out the noise of negativity. The albums on a powerful note with the song Le Coeur a Ses Raisons (The heart has its reasons) that’s about following one’s dreams.
The record has a romantic component to it. For example, Genou à Terre (on my knees) is about passion in a relationship. According to sources, this personal song expresses the depth of Sarahmée’s love when she’s with someone. The album has excellent poetry with expressive and well-written content representing Sarahmée’s different aspects of her life, from personal struggles to triumphs and achievements.

The album Poupée Russe is available.

Side Note

The song Superflex contains coarse language.


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