Single Saturdays: Tony Meade – Beautiful Child

American singer Tony Meade has released a new single entitled Beautiful Child. The song is about finding hope through hard times.

The music is Country. It starts with a bold guitar sound, then later in the song, it goes to a lovely keys sequence. Josh Skelton plays the guitar remarkably. CJ Lewis plays the keys fantastically. Glen Sawyer and Rich Veltrop mixed and mastered the tune with great structure- the sound quality is impressive. The beat consists of a fast and slow pace through an incredible rhythm. The composition is well-structured with great precision and intricacy.

Tony Meade’s voice is rich, deep, and soulful. He sounds rhythmic- an incredible vocal range. He expresses himself with grace and heart.

Tony Meade wrote the song. The lyrics are sweet and romantic, full of hope and joy. The song has heart and soul that gives an incredible depth. The words are positive and inspirational in which the sentiment of someone making us feel good is relatable and understandable. The tune is poetic with beautiful freestyle writing and a natural rhythm. The sentence ” You make me feel like a beautiful child” has a sense of pure joy and feeling loved, which is heartwarming. The song has a beautiful depth- it honours the inner child in all of us. 

The single Beautiful Child is available. 

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