Single Saturdays: Khaled Mounib – Dalla’a Homoomi

Egyptian singer Khaled Mounib released a new single entitled Dalla’a Homoomi (Indulge or Humour my worries*). It’s a love song about the pure happiness of a man and his significant otherHe wrote and composed the tune.

The music is Arabic Pop. It’s a dance song that works well with the Summer vibe. It parallels his late uncle Amer Mounib’s songs, such as  Moshta’alak Ainy (My eyes miss you) – with a faster beat, but also Aalooly Aleik (They told me about you), and Leil w Nahar (Night & Day) It’s a catchy tune, full of beats and rhythm. Dr. Moustafa Aslan plays the guitar, and Wael El Naggar plays the accordion beautifully – with style and finesse. These two musicians play their instruments in lovely harmony. Tarek Tawakol arranged, mixed, and mastered the song with a fantastic and intricate musical structure. The music is smooth and beautiful in sound.

Khaled Mounib’s voice is impressive and distinct. He has a dynamic touch to his vocal style that is his own. He sings with enthusiasm and joy.

The lyrics are kind and romantic. There’s lovely freestyle poetry with four lines rhyming with styles like AAAA or AAAB. There’s also, at times, an ABAB structure within each line that is incredible.  It follows a unique arrangement but is still easy to follow. These paragraphs are simplistic but carry a profound meaning about love and happiness. The words are well-written in a simplistic manner and are naturally flowy. Khaled Mounib wrote the tune with a rich and deep feeling. He captures the beauty of pure love between two people well -there’s joy and happiness that shine through nicely.   

The single Dalla’a Homoomi is available.

*based on the writer’s interpretation

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