Parmalee’s Latest Album For You

American group Parmalee has released a new album entitled For You. The themes are love and heartbreak. 

The music is Country. It is a combination of classic Country with some modern components. The guitar and the piano are incredible to hear throughout the album. The compositions are impressive, with rhythms that complement the mood of each song. The ballads on the album For You have lovely music, especially the romantic songs: Only YouBackroad Girl, Better with You, I See YouFor You. Backroad Girl and I See You have an excellent composition with a mix of slow and some fast parts. There are others with a more intense beat, as with Miss You Now and Forget You.  The record also has wonderful upbeat songs: Just the Way, I Do, Greatest Hits, Alone Like That, and I’ll Take The Chevy. The music is fantastic and dynamic, with well-structured compositions.

Matt Thomas’s voice is bold and husky. He sounds smooth and expressive. He sings with heart and passion; there’s a soulfulness in his performance of each song. He has a remarkable vocal range. There are quite a few fantastic duets; one with Blanco Brown (Just The Way), Fitz (Greatest Hits),   and Avery Anna (Forget You).

The lyrics are romantic or sad, depending on the subject matter. The album covers classic Country subject matter, such as Nascar, girl next door, small-town life, Chevy, etc. The record has an intriguing emphasis on the pronoun you, focusing on the girl, especially in the love songs. Each piece is deep and from the heart. The songs covering heartbreak have a relatable sadness. However, the romantic songs are full of hope and joy.
The romantic songs are full of genuine love, sweet and from the heart. There’s a beautiful theme of appreciating one’s significant other.
     Only You is a sweet and heartwarming song about a happy couple enjoying their lives together and loving one another deeply. It’s about the little things, such as the kisses, the girl’s natural beauty with no makeup, and the outings to downtown on Fridays.
    Just The Way (feat Blanco Brown) is about being in love with the person as they are (imperfections and all). It’s a song full of hope and positivity.
     Backroad Girl has a small-town love story with a simple, humble woman to marry someday potentially.  
     Take My Name is about the future that includes marriage and family. It’s about giving it one’s all for love.
      The I Do is about a man showing appreciation to his significant other, which the other man could not do.
Greatest Hits  (feat. Fitz) is a heartfelt piece with a bold musical metaphor about a woman’s qualities like songs of a best hits album represented by a man’s deep love (like a music player). The musical references of one-hit-wonders and classics is a brilliant poetic touch.
      Better With You is an inspirational song about a guy whose significant other puts a positive spin on any negative or simplistic situation. The girl is hopeful and enthusiastic, honoured by her man.
       Alone Like That is another song about a man who sees a girl alone standing with her drink and phone while the boyfriend is somewhere else.
       I See You is a beautiful piece where a guy realizes how blessed he is to have ended with an incredible woman.
      I’ll Take The Chevy is about the possibility of how the concept that opposites attract can happen where the couple is happy and in love. For example, the girl watches Housewives, and the guy watches Nascar.
     For You has a heartache component where the man misses his significant other while travelling for his concert to various venues.
    There are two songs about heartbreak that are deep and vulnerable. The first one is Miss You Now, which is about heartbreak, admitting he could have been a better partner. The second one is Forget You (feat. Avery Anna), a dynamic song with two people’s perspectives following a breakup, contrasting a one-sided story.  
The lyrics are beautifully intricate and rich in language and poetry.

The album  For You is available.

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