Alexandra Willett’s Latest EP Coeur D’étain

Canadian and Québecoise singer Alexandra Willett has a new EP entitled Coeur D’étain (Heart of Tin). The themes are love, heartbreak and life.

The music is French Pop, mixed with Jazz. The EP has musical sounds that parallel albums by Norah Jones and Arianne Moffatt.  Kerosène (Kerosene) has a beautiful, starting with the sounds of the ocean, at the beginning. It’s a lovely smooth ballad. It sounds like Norah Jones’ Come Away with Me, but with a touch of the guitar. It Coeur D’étain (Heart of tin) is another, rich in musical tones of the guitar and the trombone sounds. It reminds me of music one hears in a Jazz club. The mix of genres is fantastic in this track. In its musical style, the song Faire du Pouce (sources say hitch-hiking) parallels Elton John’s 80s hit I’m Still Standing, combined with Arianne Moffatt’s Je Reviens à Montreal (I return to Montreal)It’s upbeat and dynamic.

     The song Impuissant (Weak) parallels Ariane Brunet’s Évidence (Evidence), except with a slow rhythm transitioning into a musical style of Alternative/Rock. It ends with a gradual electric sound in the end.  Un million d’éclats (A million sparkles) parallels Marie-Mai’s La Prochaine Fois (the next time) and On Change (We change) along with Ariane Brunet’s works,Laisse-Toi Aimer (Allow yourself to be loved) The record has a bold sound with incredible musical mixes.

Alexandra Willett’s voice is smooth, rhythmic, and soft. She has a great vocal style- a combination of Norah Jones, Arianne Moffatt, and Ariane Brunet. She’s got a remarkable technique in her singing.

The lyrics are poetic and profound. All five songs demonstrate an incredible sense of imagination through impressive freestyle writing. Two pieces show remarkable symbolism: Kerosène and Coeur D’étain.   Kerosène represents a fire building inside a person – a sense of passion. Alexandra Willett’s use of the word “roommate” instead of the French equivalent is interesting, representing Quebec slang. Coeur D’étain is about being hollow inside and feeling dead inside, which is a symbol of vulnerability. Another piece showing being vulnerable is Impuissante, in this case, in a relationship. Faire du pouce is about a woman whose significant other is not the type to ask for, which is a relatable subject, described with humour.  Un million d’éclats is a romantic song full of love and hope- it inspires one to dream. Alexandra Willett wrote her five songs with impeccable structure and poetry – a mix of classic writing and freestyle.

The EP  Coeur D’étain is available.

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