Soundtrack Saturdays: Respect – An Aretha Franklin Biopic

The movie Respect is out in theatres (check your local listings). The music is incredible throughout the soundtrack. The songs are Aretha Franklin classics performed by singer/actress Jennifer Hudson.

The musical genre is Soul/R&B. The music consists of original material in this soundtrack that gives it a nostalgic touch combined with a modern touch. The album honours the hymnography of the late Aretha Franklin beautifully. At times, it parallels choir music, especially classical music. The soundtrack has a bold musical style that complements the modern aspect of it. A favourite of mine is the classic hit Respect that a jazz component to it with the saxophone. The compositions are incredible and rich in sound. 

Jennifer Hudson’s voice is soulful and incredible. She sings with passion and heart. She has a singing style similar to that of the late Aretha Franklin combined with her personal touch. Her vocal range is impressive. Jennifer Hudson captures the essence and understanding of Aretha Franklin’s soul through her performances. There were times I could think it was Aretha Franklin and not Jennifer Hudson- that’s how impressive she is in singing these classic hits. She follows Aretha Franklin’s pace in singing in tonalities, hitting the right notes each time. Jennifer Hudson is a suitable choice to sing Aretha Franklin’s classic hits.

There is one original song on the soundtrack: Here I Am (Singing My Way Home). When I first heard it, I thought it was a song from the late Aretha Franklin because Jennifer Hudson captured her style and vibe so well. Jennifer Hudson wrote the piece with Jamie Hartman and Carole King. Rap singer Will. I. Am produced the song with the incredible sound of Soul music- it beautifully parallels Aretha Franklin’s musical style. The words are rich and profound- it complements the movie’s and the soundtrack’s essence.

The soundtrack for Respect is available. Enjoy the music.

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