Single Saturdays: Ragheb Alama – Fawran Gharam

Lebanese singer Ragheb Alama has released a new single entitled Fawran Gharam (Instant love or love at first sight). The song is about a love story.

The music is Arabic Pop, with some old-school musical styles.

Ali Salem composed the song with a great transition of tempo from the verses to the chorus. The various instruments, including guitar and kanon, are playing in beautiful harmony. The tune has a dance/Summer vibe that makes the music is catchy and rhythmic. It starts with a disco-like sound to smoothly transition into a mix of classical Arabic music. The composition is incredibly wavy, rich and well-structured. 

Ragheb Alama’s voice is smooth and versatile. He sings with heart and soul. He follows the song’s rhythm impressively and is in sync with the music.  

The lyrics are romantic and sweet. The words are flowy and poetic from the heart. There’s a sense of hope and joy that love is possible. Turath Nameer wrote the song. The piece is well-written with fantastic freestyle writing that compliments the adventurous aspect of the single. The rhyming style has a lovely mix of ABBA, AABB and some freestyle poetry. The consistently structured paragraphs of four lines work well with the song’s musical style- making the tune easy to follow. The simplicity is impressive through the less is more concept. The song ends on a sweet note, saying that the most beautiful thing is love (Ahla shee be donya al hob). 

The single Fawran Gharam is available.

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