Jon Shain and FJ Ventre’s Collaboration in Never Found a Way to Tame the Blues

American artists Jon Shain and FJ Ventre collaborated and have released a new album on Never Found a Way to Tame the Blues. The themes are love, heartbreak and emotional life struggles. 

The music is Blues/Folk. The album has a 70s vibe that parallels Mamas & Papas, Cat Stevens and Garth Brooks – it gives it a nostalgic touch. The guitar and banjo give the record an incredible musical flavour. The music is bold with excellent compositions – the rhythm is rich and intricate. Overnight from Memphis has a Johnny Cash vibe that works well with this tune. Upbeat tunes include Lord Have Mercy, Overnight from Memphis, and Den Bosch Blues. The music may be the Blues, but there’s still a sense of joy and hope, which is a lovely surprise. The slow pace pieces have an emotional intensity/depth, such as Candle In The Window and Rosetta. That also the song 2020 Blues, which represents the range of emotions of a year many want to forget. The variety in sounds and tones is remarkable. For example, Sinking Ship has a rock edge to it. The album is impressive.

Jon Shain’s voice is husky and bold, with an impressive vocal range. The duet in Keep Your Head Above Water is lovely and sweet. The artists sing with passion and edge.

The lyrics are expressive and profound. One piece that’s quite relevant is 2020 Blues, which covers the range of emotions, especially during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The words are poetic, well-written and from the heart. Some songs are sad, while others have a romantic or happy vibeLord Have Mercy is about praying and keeping the faith, even in hard times. Never Found a Way to Tame the Blues is an example of sadness and struggle many can relate to and understand. The lyrics have an incredible richness to them, especially with symbols and metaphors. The song Woodsmoke represents a time of confusion and uncertainty through life’s journey. The piece Keep Your Head Above Water describes living life through survival mode and being there for one another. It has a sense of hope and a message: never to give up. The piece Candle in the Window symbolizes exposing the truth of the heartbreak from a partner – such impressive depth. There are also great metaphors, such as Endless Sea and Sinking Ship. The song Endless Sea is a metaphor for leaving the comfort zone to discover the world.  Sinking Ship compares to when life falls apart or hits rock bottom to a ship on the verge of submerging or crashing. There are lovely references, as demonstrated in Den Bosch Blues. Den Bosch is a city in the Netherlands. Throughout the album, there are lyrics rich in content, language and poetry.

The album Never Found a Way to Tame the Blues is available.

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