Single Saturdays: Rayan – Baadak Bithen

Lebanese singer Rayan has released a new single entitled Baadak Bithen (You still care). It’s a sequel to Rayan’s 2004 single Ahla Gharam (the best love). It’s a song about heartbreak that covers the grief stages of sadness and some denial.

The music is Arabic Pop. It follows Rayan’s 2004 single Ahla Gharam, but with a contemporary sound, complemented with nostalgic sound. Joe Kassayfi composed an incredible ballad with some fast parts between the chorus and the verse. The saxophone in the background works well with the song’s vibe.  

The composition is wavy and rhythmic, full of musical richness and intricacy.

Rayan’s voice is incredible and dynamic. He sings with raw emotions. He captures the song’s meaning and honours his single Ahla Gharam

Ahmad Issam wrote the song. It references the 2004 single Ahla Gharam, which gives the single a nostalgic touch mentioned in the chorus. It transitions into a new chapter of the story. The lyrics are deep and relatable, covering the subject of heartbreak, the stages of grief, including sadness and denial, with great depth. The words are well-written with incredible freestyle poetic writing. The song has genuine raw emotions that people can relate to and understand. A little goes a long way, which this song does in expressing heartache following the separation. 

The single Baadak Bithen is available.

Here’s the song Ahla Gharam (2004)

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