First Album Fridays: Olivia Lunny’s Eponym Album

Canadian singer Olivia Lunny has released her first album, Olivia Lunny. The themes are heartbreak and love.

The mix of musical genres is remarkable through well-structured compositions. The music is Pop with some R&B Melodies, rap beats, EDM, anthemic Pop, and Indie Pop. The guitar and electric keyboard complement the record’s incredible blend of musical rhythms of fast and slow paces – with smooth transitions in tempo. The album has the 90s/2000s vibe with a touch of 70s that gives it a catchy sound. There’s a contemporary sound that parallels Billie Eilish and Evanescence’s music that’s fresh and bold. Even in the songs covering heartbreak, the slightly upbeat music is impressive, as case with The Walls, a ballad with a daring edge. The Walls and Modern Love pieces have an Evanescence feel but with a faster and more upbeat tempo. The music is a remarkable mosaic of sounds, each playing a part in the song, in harmony with one another.

Olivia Lunny’s voice is bold and versatile. Her vocal style parallels that of Gwen Stefani and Billie Eilish. She sounds smooth and rhythmic.

The lyrics are dynamic and expressive- at times romantic. The songs offer different perspectives on the subjects of relationships/love and breakup/heartbreak. The words are well-written, with impressive simplicity. There’s remarkable freestyle writing that complements the free-spirit vibe. 

The album’s love songs have a different and unique take on the subject through ups and downs- it’s not always rainbows. Worth it is a powerful piece about a person whose partner is still in love with their ex but trying to move on. It’s a different spin on covering relationships going through obstacles to make it to the other side. Crazy Love is about wanting to connect with others while being true to who we are. It’s a profound song. Dominoes is a symbol of a chain reaction, in this case, to find our destiny and possibly “the one.” Who Could Say No is a song about living in the moment and appreciating each day.

The album also covers heartbreak and the different stages of grief, including the bargaining and denial phases. The emotions are deep and raw. The song The Walls is about heartbreak caused by an inadequate partner. It’s a personification that represents the signs that this relationship is toxic. It’s about following one’s instincts symbolized by the walls “talking,” and some may say it’s a message from the universe. Cold Coffee represents a superficial relationship where the partner is selfish and insincere about being interested in her (as a person) but seems focused on the women’s looks. Sad to See You Happy is a dynamic song about seeing an ex for the first time since the breakup, a relatable life experience. Modern Love is relevant to the current times where technologies and social media are supposed to feel connected, but it does the opposite in reality. 

Each song is intricate and rich in language and poetry, with a fantastic depth and emotion.

The album Olivia Lunny is available.

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