Walker Hayes’ New EP Country Stuff

American singer Walker Hayes has released a new EP entitled Country Stuff. The themes are love and Country culture.

The music is Country, with a contemporary sound. It complements the beautiful rhythms with a natural flow: the guitar, a signature choice for Country music, adds a lovely dynamic. Country Stuff, Fancy Like, are songs with a fantastic fast-paced rhythm. Fancy Like parallels the style of Garth Brooks and Uncle Kracker (Follow Me), but with a slightly faster tempo. I Hope You Miss Me has a mix of slow and fast composed in a balanced structure. There are great ballads, like the tunes Make You CryWhat If We Did, Briefcase. There’s a richness, with the beautiful sound of a piano. The music is incredible throughout the EP.

Walter Hayes’s voice is husky and incredible. He has three phenomenal duets: one with Jake Owen (Country Stuff), one with Carly Pearce (What If We Did), and another with Lori McKenna (Briefcase). They all sing from the heart.

The lyrics are poetic, romantic and personal. There’s an incredible description and depth to each song in the EP.

    Country Stuff is a song that mentions relatable Country culture references, such as Dukes of Hazard, grits, beer, whiskey, Alabama, etc. It feels personal and from the heart. The tune reminds me of old-school Country music in a thoughtful way.

   Fancy Like is a sweet love song about a man and his significant other going out, Southern-style, including going to an Applebee’s or Wendy’s for a date. 

     Make You Cry is a romantic piece that is cleverly well-written where reading between the lines gives it depth. It describes a couple’s relationship beautifully. There’s rich poetry with soulful and profound words.

      I Hope You Miss Me is a bittersweet song about a man whose past love left his small town in pursuit of her dreams, but with love and support. It’s rare to hear this kind of perspective about a person’s ex who has a positive spin. The tune is impressive in its dynamic writing.

     What If We Did: It’s an inspirational love story of one day starting a family with the woman of the man’s dreams. It describes the classic details of family life, such as the white fence, porch, dog etc., poetically. The sense of hope is heartfelt and genuine.

        Briefcase: A song about the work-life balance is a struggle for many- it’s also a message to the man’s father, understanding how he raised his family through good and bad times. It’s a beautiful piece to which people can relate. There’s a richness in its lyrics and a fantastic depth to them.  

The songs are remarkable and intricate. The words are well-written and rich in language.

The EP Country Stuff is available.


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