Single Saturdays: Manny Blu feat Brittany Kennell -Valet

Manny Blu and Brittany Kennell have released a new single entitled Valet. The song is about a couple falling in love at first sight. 

The music is Country. It’s a beautiful ballad with a lovely slow beat and the occasional fast tempo- through a smooth and dynamic composition, following the song’s vibe. The guitar has a bold sound that compliments the gradual increase in tempo, from the verse to the chorus. The rhythm is wavy and silky in a relaxing manner. The music reminds me of Faith Hill, Tim McGraw and Garth Brooks. The pace of the music works compliments the laid-back ride the couple has in the cab on their way to their hotel. The romantic vibe has a strong presence throughout the song’s music.

Manny Blu and Brittany Kennell’s voices complement each other. They sing a fantastic duet together- they sound sweet and soulful. Their singing style has a Tim McGraw and Faith Hill vibe that gives it a nostalgic feel.

The lyrics are romantic and sweet, as well as soulful. The song has classic Country references, such as Nashville and Whiskey. The story is lovely about two people falling in love from the very first moment. The words are well-written and poetic. The sense of responsibility shines through when the couple left their car at the valet and took a cab because they were drunk. However, it doesn’t take away the romantic story and blooming love. The use of freestyle poetry represents the free spirit the couple has and the joie de vivre. The lyrics have a natural flow and rhythm that gives a relaxed feel to them. 

The single Valet is available.

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