Single Saturdays: Kylie Morgan – Cuss A Little feat. Walker Hayes

American singers Kyle Morgan and Walker Hayes have a new single entitled Cuss A Little. The song is about kind people but occasionally swear/cuss.

The music is Country. It’s a lovely ballad with a smooth rhythm with a semi-fast tempo. The guitar sound, in the beginning, parallels the rhythm of the song Shallow by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, especially the acoustic version but with a slower pace. The piano also adds a lovely calming layer to the music that compliments the reassuring nature of the tune. The transition in tempo is fluid and easy to follow, rich in sound and tone. The composition is intricately well-structured.

Kyle Morgan and Walker Hayes’s voices are smooth and in sync with one another. It’s a lovely duet. They sound rhythmic and complementary to each other.

The lyrics are personal and profound; through simplicity – a little goes a long way. It’s a different concept talking about being a good person but still, have the occasional moment of swearing. It nicely shows the lesson of being okay with imperfections. It also demonstrates how complex and dynamic humans, for example, may have negative/dirty thoughts but looks presentable. There’s genuine humanity and understanding of more grey areas than simply being black and white. The words are from the heart. The song is soulful and compassionate.

The single Cuss A Little is available.

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