First EP Fridays: Kylie Morgan – Love, Kylie

American singer Kylie Morgan has released her first EP entitled Love, Kylie. The themes are love and empowerment, including when a relationship ends.

The music is Country. The sound is edgy and modern while still following classic Country rhythm. The guitar and drums compliment the incredible compositions on this EP.  

      The fast songs are incredible in their compositions that combine classic Country with a new Country sound. The piece Shoulda has a fantastic fast-paced rhythm that is catchy and works well with the confusion transitioning to wisdom. I Only Date Cowboys parallels the style of Lady A and The Chicks. The guitar’s presence is impressive and intricate. It has humour and Country charm. The song Break Things has a musical similar to the works of Kacey Musgraves and Tenille Townes.  

    The ballads have a profound resonance in link with the subject matter of each song. The piece Outdoor Voices has a lovely musical presence of a piano that suits the song’s mood. Cheating On You has a slow sound that seems eerie because it reflects how the relationship is not what it used to be. Mad I Need You is a romantic ballad rich in rhythm and beats. 

Kylie Morgan’s voice is bold but also rich and soulful. She sings with confidence and grace. She captures the essence and emotions of each song precisely. She has a depth that is remarkable that reminds me of Kacey Musgraves and Faith Hill.

The lyrics are romantic or empowering, depending on the song. The subject matter of love, heartbreak, or both is relatable. Each one is well-written with intricate and profound writing. The words are from the heart.  

The tunes that cover love are I Only Date CowboysBreak Things, Outdoor Voices and Mad I Need You.  I Only Date Cowboys is a romantic piece with fun references to John Wayne and Jesse James and some humour. There’s a sense of empowerment in what the woman wants.

    The song Outdoor Voices is about following your heart and living loudly and confidently, ignoring what others think regarding one’s relationship. The words are from the heart and so sweet. The tune Break Things is full of vulnerability where the woman expresses her struggles of being in a relationship with the man she loves with profound honesty and sincerity. She tries to protect him. The mention of a pickup truck symbolizes how “reckless” she can be, so she says. The emotions are raw and profound. It’s also from the heart, as well as genuine.

       The piece Mad I Need You represents the classic situations that happen when one falls in love but is not always ready to admit or have mixed emotions. It’s a cute paradox that is relatable. 

      The songs about breakups/relationship struggles are complex, describing the different aspects and hurdles.  Shoulda is a song about post-breakup challenges, including spending time with an ex at a bar. It’s a relatable story that many understand. However, there’s a lesson the woman learns from the whole experience. Getting over someone isn’t easy, and this piece demonstrates, but without judgement. The song Cheating On You is a metaphor where the woman feels like her significant is no longer the man he used to be. She thinks she’s with someone else, even though it’s still the same person. It’s a dilemma many are familiar with, where one asks whether or not to fight for the relationship or move on. 

    Each song is well-written with an impressive depth and from the heart.

The EP Love, Kylie is available.

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